Joe Adamik @ the Hideout


Joe Adamik, Big Sadie
When: Sun., May 15, 8 p.m.
Price: $8
The easy swing of Joseph Adamik’s drumming sounds apropos whether he’s sitting in with free improvisers Extraordinary Popular Delusions, driving the shape-shifting pop ensemble Manishevitz, or giving the gloriously entropic Califone rhythmic coherence. He’s also a versatile multi-instrumentalist with a knack for extracting antique-sounding timbres from clarinets and keyboards. On his first solo LP, Super Low (Meno Mosso), Adamik adds two more credits to his CV: singer-songwriter and orchestrator. His high, yearning voice is a persuasive vehicle for songs about ice-bound sailors and a kid growing up with a mentally ill mom. And his deployment of sputtering drum machines, wood-grained string passages, and long, low brass tones generates both sonic intrigue and emotional complexity. Tonight Adamik will sing and play guitar and bass clarinet while leading a band that includes Marta Kallenberger and Andy Frickle on horns, Sam Wagster on guitar, and Califone vets Jim Becker on fiddle and piano, Ben Massarella on drums, and Gillian Lisee on bass. Acoustic vocal trio Big Sadie open. — Bill Meyer
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